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Want To Know How We Earned 28% Annual Average Returns For Our Investors?

Join us for an exclusive webinar on July 31st at 4 PM PT to discover how you can invest in our new Alliance Medical Fund and with a company that offers:

  • Historical 28% IRR

  • $1B+ in Assets Purchased and Managed

  • 2.5x Average Equity Multiple Paid to Investors

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Unlock Consistent High-Returns and Long-Term Growth

Are you seeking a secure, high-return investment opportunity in a resilient sector? Discover how the Alliance Medical Fund can transform your financial future by investing in medical office real estate.

Join our exclusive webinar to learn more about

this unique investment opportunity.

What You'll Learn:

  • Proven Investment Strategies: Gain insights from our extensive track record, including a 28% historical IRR across all asset classes and billions of dollars of commercial assets purchased and managed.

  • Exclusive Fund Benefits: Understand the advantages of our fund, such as high preferred returns, quarterly yield payments, and a projected 2.5x equity multiple.

  • Expert Advice: Hear directly from our seasoned leadership team with 200+ years of combined real estate experience.

Why Invest in This Fund:

  • High Preferred Return: Quarterly yield payments directly to your account.

  • Projected Growth: Double your investment* in approximately 5 years.

  • Accessible Entry: Minimum investment of $100K.

Why Medical Office Real Estate?

  • Healthcare Industry Strength: Resilient to economic downturns, with 100% rent collection during the pandemic.

  • Long-Term Tenants: High switching costs and significant tenant investment in properties.

  • Lower Risk: Focus on established properties, avoiding the risks of new developments.

Webinar Details

Date: July 31st, 4 PM PT

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Meet Your Host: Ben Reinberg

Iconic Investor, Mentor, Educator, and Philanthropist, Who Built a $500MM Commercial Real Estate empire from scratch with billions in transactions. Ben Reinberg is a testament to the power of vision, grit, and an unwavering commitment to goals. With a humble beginning and a relentless drive, Reinberg navigated the complexities of the commercial real estate world to build a Multi-Billion-Dollar empire from the ground up.Ben is known by his peers as a visionary and a futurist. He has always been a step ahead and boldly sets investment trends. He never apologizes for being first to market and has been building his fierce reputation as a market marker and negotiator since he started at 23 years old. While other people entered commercial real estate as brokers, at 23 years old he made the bold move to start as a principal owner.

To date, he has acquired and managed BILLIONS of dollars of commercial real estate and developed millions of square feet of office and industrial properties throughout the United States. He is a respected authority on all aspects of commercial real estate with expertise in various asset classes such as office, industrial, and retail properties. Twenty years ago, within his 30-year career, he made a major pivot with his investment and acquisition strategy by acquiring and managing medical office properties throughout the United States.

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John D., Investor.

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Jane S., Investor.

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